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Spam + virus = productivity leakage

  • Spam and viruses suck up productive time.
  • You can dramatically reduce all types of unwanted content by perimeter filtering in the cloud, before material reaches your server.
  • Silverfern can install flexible systems that let you decide what comes in, saving you time and money.

You install computer systems to increase productivity, then you lose productive time as your people battle spam and sometimes viruses, Trojans, phishing, spyware and other unwanted content. As your network grows, this productivity leakage increases.

There is a better way to protect your systems and put these resources back into production. It’s filtering in the cloud, before suspect material ever touches your office systems or server. Silverfern can install automated cloud perimeter filtering that let’s you set the parameters of what gets into your system.

It won’t stop all spam but it will dramatically reduce the load and get your people back on the job, instead of drowning in their inboxes.

Spam reduction can be cash flow positive due to recovered productive time.You install compute

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