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Filtering web content

  • Non-work web content sucks up productive time.
  • Inappropriate web content is a duty-of-care legal risk.
  • Silverfern installs automated content filtering that lets you set the parameters of what is legitimate in your workplace – and recover lost time.


Is it a nanny state? What people do in their own time may be their own business, but what they view on their work screens is your business and it could cost you big in productive time wasted and even lawsuits if your employees are exposed to material they find offensive.

Silverfern is delivering the most comprehensive web-filtering solutions available today and doing it at reasonable cost even for smaller businesses.

These systems can very quickly pay for themselves in recovered productive time. Often there are further compensating savings in bandwidth usage.

Our implementation of new perimeter based cloud technologies will give you flexible control over the content your system carries, returning lost productivity and better meeting workplace duty of care risks.

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