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Could a complete hosted environment
actually save you money?

  • A complete hosted system could actually save you money by returning staff and management time to productive purposes.
  • Complete hosted environments make IT less obtrusive, more versatile and more reliable, returning focus to productivity and profits.
  • Complete hosted environment can be totally scalable up and down with immediate proportional cost adjustments and no capital equipment costs, delivering lower risk IT support for growth and new projects.

Let’s be honest: most businesses start out doing their own IT because they can’t afford professionals and they think they can “make do” with something less than industry best practice.

What we know is that once an organisation is on a growth path, with staff who need to share information with each other, then a professionally supported, complete hosted environment will deliver the lowest IT cost per productive hour, by a wide margin.

To prove this for yourself, click to read:

A complete hosted environment provides one solution for all your IT, via a robust, flexible “hosted desktop” that’s fully professionally managed.
Silverfern offers a fully managed service that you can control, set and forget:

  • Desktop environment fully customised to your needs.
  • Cloud, server, desktop machines and peripherals including mobile desktops and access-anywhere.
  • Agreed applications and utilities including your industry-specific and bespoke applications.
  • Centralised, immediate access new software rollouts.
  • New technology as it emerges.
  • Updates, maintenance, servicing, backups, virus/malware/filtering controls.
  • Data integrity guarantee and optional nightly additional back up to your office.
  • No troubleshooting faulty terminals: thin client, virtual desktops and application configuration/standardisation mean simply plug in a new terminal and continue work exactly as before.
  • 24/7 emergency response.
  • Optional integration with VOIP systems including mobiles as extensions and multi-site systems.
  • We prepare an annual budget for your approval, with contingencies and forward planning, and we stick to it.
  • Options to pay a fixed monthly fee with no capital expenditure (full tax deduction) or choose a capital ownership level.
  • Full scalability: add people quickly with immediate productivity, subtract people as needed with immediate proportional fee adjustments, no charges or penalties, no redundant hardware or software to clog up your backroom.

Cloud based solutions are very powerful but one size definitely does not fit everyone: Silverfern can give you an accurate assessment of what will work best for you – and we’ll tell you up front if cloud is not right for you at all.

Ask your accountant to divide your total costs of operating by the number of days you work, and the number of hours in each day.

That’s the real hourly cost of having people chat while someone sweats a crashed server issue they don’t really understand, rebuilds lost files or cleans and restores after a virus.

Maybe you never have disasters. Then it’s the minute-by-minute cost of your people sorting spam and sifting other unwanted content.

It’s the cost of the hours and days before a new employee finally gets their terminal working right.

It’s the cost of management time spent on essentially non-productive IT issues, that’s lost to the core challenges of sales, production and profitability.

To do a real costing for best practice IT, add back the value of the productive hours that will be recovered by having a professionally supported, single hosted system.

In our experience, in any growth-oriented business, professional IT support is a cost-benefit bargain that enables increased growth and profitability.

The myth of IT professionals costing more

The myth of IT professionals costing more centres around two things: hourly rate and the idea that professionals oversell new hardware you could have done without.

When you compare hourly rate, we recommend you calculate your staff time at your hourly charge rate, which is what you could have earned from that resource if it had been available.

You should also add in the potential charge rates for all the people whose day is disrupted by IT outages or slow downs.

Then consider that:

  • Professionally designed and maintained systems will break less often.
  • Experienced and qualified computer engineers will get to the solution faster.
  • Silverfern systems transfer most maintenance and repair work off-site and complete it without service disruption.

When you consider hardware costs, we would like you to know that Silverfern have a well-earned reputation for maximising use of legacy equipment. We are industry leaders in tweaking cross-generation compatibility and extending useful life.

Gear that users may be forced to throw out when it won’t play with some newer component, we can often save.

Yes, we sell hardware that we know will yield better results, but we’ll only recommend it when it is the most cost-effective way forward.

The cost of “best practice”

As a business grows, achieving industry best practice becomes an essential competitive edge.

“Best practice” is what it says: it’s what the best in the industry do, because it’s been demonstrated to yield the best results.

Ultimately, every rising business discovers they need best practice, that it’s an essential competitive and productivity tool.

Productivity defines profitability.

When it’s time to review the real costs of IT services, remember that the accountant’s line entry for IT is often the smallest part of the real cost. The big values are in output, productive hours and rapid scalability in response to opportunities.

IT should be a tool you use to maximise productive outputs and quickly scale you up (and sometimes down).

That’s the service Silverfern delivers.

The scalable business

We live in times of rapid change.

Businesses must be able to scale up quickly, when there is opportunity.

Just as important to the confidence to scale up is the knowledge that you can scale down, if you have to.

A single hosted IT solution can be designed for perfect up and down scalability, with immediate proportional cost adjustments and no redundant hardware or software costs.

Up and downscaling can be implemented in hours, even if it is a major change.

Silverfern is delivering the industry standard in IT scalability and cost control.

Go where the money is

Most businesses have costs and they have income sources. Controlling costs is essential, but productivity is more important than simple cost. Investment in expanding income sources generally earns a higher return than investment in cost control.

For example, an IT improvement that returns time to productive use can enable you to increase outputs without increasing head count, or to complete orders with reduced staff allocation. That goes direct to the bottom line and to market competitiveness.

Creating more productive capacity is the first step to being able to increase sales. A better IT system can increase capacity without having to employ more people, creating a much lower risk basis for to growth.

Silverfern believes that their highest contribution to every client is enabling them to better focus on productivity and output, so they can go where the money is.

The Silverfern offer

Invite us to examine your current IT procedures.
We’ll make recommendations, based on our experience, that focus on:

  • Increasing staff productive time
  • Reducing disruptions to production
  • Enabling you to achieve more with your existing resources
  • Reducing IT stress
  • Operating within a clear budget and future plan

We work with IT, but our goal is helping clients advance their business.

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