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IT staff for hire


  • Experienced, qualified IT engineers to work under your direction on hourly, daily or weekly rates.
  • Specialists available in most IT areas.
  • Pay by invoice including all overheads; staff are not on your payroll.


Silverfern is a specialist labor hire agency in IT.

We provide qualified, experienced computer engineers with skills specific to the task, on hourly, daily and weekly rates. These placements work under your direction, on your site and as part of your team. However, they do not appear on your books as employees: their services are invoiced to you by Silverfern.

We cover all costs such as annual leave entitlements, sick leave, ongoing training and certification, workers compensation and other insurance. (Duty of care to provide a safe workplace remains with you.)

Typically we provide people for projects and other temporary needs, where specific expertise is needed for a limited time and to cover for staff on leave.

We can provide desktop support engineers, server and infrastructure engineers, project managers, communication engineers and general IT support and administration resources.

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