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Totalcare™ Remote for mining,
shipping and pastoral

  • Full support services for remote locations, with reduced need for physical access.
  • Lower cost, faster return to full operation.
  • Hot-swap backup hardware can be held on site.
  • Highly redundant backups mean new equipment can have up-to-date data installed from the cloud.

Silverfern can deliver comprehensive IT services based on our proven Totalcare™ to remote locations including mining, shipping and pastoral applications.

Totalcare™ Remote includes additional tools to extend the range of remote service capabilities, avoiding the costs and time delays of fly-in, fly-out servicing.

High-redundancy backup is used to ensure data is never at risk and new equipment can be preloaded with up-to-date data before shipping.

According to your requirements we will also supply hot-swap backup hardware so that critical items – even complete terminals or servers – can be immediately replaced and the faulty item shipped back for repair.

New equipment can have data updated from cloud backups. We can replace faulty items on fail, without waiting for the returned item to be repaired.

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