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IT Infrastructure Design and Implementation

  • System planning reduces real costs by ensuring the system delivers what’s needed now and grows to deliver what will be needed in the future.

The most costly element in most IT systems is failure to design.

It manifests in components and sub-systems that won’t play together, difficulty growing the system and ultimately inability to deliver what the business needs – leading inevitably to a new system and a big write off.

For most Silverfern clients, effective, forward-looking planning is our most important value-add.

We take the time to understand what you need your IT to deliver now and what you are likely to need in the future.

We propose a long-term plan and – when you have agreed – ensure it is maintained, updated and implemented as needed.

All decisions are informed by the plan, so that every action moves your system in the direction you need to go.

To help with this, our quotes are inclusive of incidentals like wiring, they include lifespan estimates and recommended maintenance and support, so you can calculate a real ROI.

Don’t skip the most important intangible: plan where you want your system to take you and use Silverfern to ensure you build the system you need to get you there.

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