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Network security and filtering

  • Increasing internet use with remote access, greater attention from global hackers and staff risks all mean that advanced network security is vital.
  • Silverfern’s IT Security Review is a good starting point.

Perth has been discovered by international hackers and there are now malicious intrusions every day.

The risk of viruses, Trojans, spyware and other malware is as great as ever.

Unfortunately, sometimes a business’s own staff are a major risk, whether through carelessness or intent, for example if they are planning to leave to start their own business.

Increasing internet reliance, the need for increased remote access to data and the high capacity of easily concealed thumb drives all add to the range of risks, from inside and outside.

Silverfern offers a comprehensive range of network security solutions, including:

  • Advanced firewalls
  • Intrusion vulnerability testing
  • Security control over remote access to data
  • Control of removable media use
  • Filtering of website content
  • Perimeter filtering for spam, viruses and other malware.

These are all areas that Silverfern is highly experienced in. We recommend our IT Security Review as a starting point to assessing your needs and customizing a value-for-money solution.


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