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Mobile access: remote desktop

  • Remote access can be delivered several ways, with different levels of functionality and associated costs. Systems should be designed to meet individual needs.
  • Mobile devices are a growth area, offering convenience and surprisingly powerful data access.

Modern business can happen anywhere; increasingly it happens outside your office. So mobile access is critical to productivity.

Silverfern builds custom remote access systems that are seamless from the office to anywhere, drawing on a range of technologies to deliver what best meets your needs.

Options include:

Remote desktop gives mobile staff a fully operational corporate desktop, just like the one they have at the office, with access to the same files and the same tools. This is a powerful option to support demanding users.

Seamless application deploymentgives a staff member fast access to specific applications and data. It’s ideal for sales people and others using only one or two applications and accessing a company database.

A virtual private network (VPN) gives direct on-the-road access to a specific company database or other data. It supports local download to work on files offline and it’s a lower cost option.

Mobile devices such as smart phone and pads (Apple, Android, Blackberry and others) can give mobile staff immediate access to emails, diaries, basic documents and core applications (via seamless application deployment).

Convenient, relatively low cost mobile devices are playing an increasing role in business and Silverfern is right on top of how to drive them for a business advantage. If you want to know which mobile technology will work best for you, ask us.

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