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Server virtualisation

  • Multi-server installations can deliver better performance with reduced bottlenecks and improved reliability, if configured as virtual server hosts.
  • Virtual server hosts also reduce hardware costs and make system growth easier.

Silverfern implements this advanced technology in most installations, because is reduces both hardware costs and system maintenance, a real win-win.

Server virtualisation means creating virtual server hosts, each of them housing up to four servers that operate completely independently, but on the same hardware.

There is a saving of up to three machines per virtual server host. Some aspects of maintenance become common to the host, so the workload is reduced.

In a multiple server environment often one server will be almost idle while another is maxed out and causing work bottlenecks. A virtual server host can reallocate system resources like RAM, memory and hard drive space on the fly, to spread demand more evenly and avoid bottlenecks.

Virtual server hosts are easily expanded and often at lower hardware cost, giving your business quick scalability. Virtual server hosts deliver greater redundancy, making them more reliable.

They are also more flexible, allowing major changes and upgrades on the fly and supporting instant snapshot backups.

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