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Case study: Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital

Respond to Requests Promptly


“We were in a position where we needed urgent assistance on our network and Silverfern IT gave us a same day response – they were here within a couple of hours of my call,” Ms Cooney says.

“That’s a wonderful response at anytime, but considering that we were not a current client, it was fantastic.

“They have continued to provide consistent prompt responses and quality service.”

“Being a 24 Hospital we require after hours support for IT emergencies. We have had to access this after hours support from time to time and have found on call staff easy to access and just as helpful as they are during normal business hours.


Understand our Business Needs


“We are a 24-hour hospital and emergency centre providing specialist and referral service, with 150 staff and 140 work stations connecting to our network.

“As a result of growth in our business and increased use of technology, we have outgrown our current infrastructure, and are in the process of a major infrastructure upgrade. Silverfern IT were extremely diligent in making sure that the solution they designed meets our operational needs now, and also provides room for continued growth.

“We recognised that for us to continue current operations we needed a short term solution to cover us while our new infrastructure is being implemented.  Silverfern IT hired us with loan equipment to cover us during this implementation period. This was a perfect short term solution; cost effective and efficient. “

“Silverfern IT have gone out of their way to understand our organisation and our operational needs, as a hospital. They are focused on what we need in our business, how we plan to expand our business, what we will need operationally.”


Committed to Providing High Quality Service


“Communication has been excellent; both at a management level and also between our staff. Liong Eng (Silverfern CEO) contacts me regularly to make sure things are going smoothly and I would be very comfortable to contact him if there was a problem. It is very reassuring to know that management are concerned to check on us personally and keep the communication lines open. I’ve had a lot of experience with various IT companies and communication and accessibility is a major point of difference with Silverfern.

“We have a consistent team of system engineers who help us and Silverfern IT have ensured help is always accessible. Silverfern IT have ensured their staff have received an induction to our network and infrastructure. They support us both with onsite visits and remote assistance and we have found their staff to all be very easy to work with.

“We had one situation where incorrect hardware was delivered to our hospital. Liong Eng contacted me directly to update me about what had happened and already had a solution planned and in progress. Liong’s attention to this matter was so prompt that I received his update before our staff even had a chance to update me. This is the only situation of this nature that we have had with Silverfern in the 10 months they have been working with us, however their approach in resolving this matter demonstrates again their commitment to quality service and excellent communication.

“They are creative and thoughtful about finding solutions to our needs.”


Committed to a Long Term Relationship with Our Hospital


“From our first meeting with Silverfern they have demonstrated their commitment to a long term relationship with our Hospital. Their excellent communications, consistent delivery of quality service and investment in learning about our operation have all reinforced this commitment.”


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