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Case study: Total Corrosion Control

Disaster recovery planning for peace of mind


Silverfern IT runs a disaster recovery site for TCC, located at Silverfern IT’s Data Centre. TCC’s data system at the Kwinana head office is replicated and constantly updated at the disaster recovery site.

“If we had any kind of disaster event that impacted on our computer system, we would simply switch to the disaster recovery facility,” Mr Whiting says. “It would be business as usual, with no data loss. The switch over to the disaster recovery site would be seamless. Most users, especially those in remote locations, would not know that anything had happened.

“This facility means that our business would be safe. We could continue operating with minimum disruption to our operations.

“One particularly critical area for us is the weekly payroll. We have 500-600 people who must be paid weekly. We simply cannot afford for anything to go wrong with that system. If anything did go wrong and we didn’t have our disaster recovery plan in place, we would have to do a manual payroll process, which is extremely time consuming and expensive, and there would certainly be unacceptable delays.

“While payroll would be the most immediate need in the event of a server room failure, there are other longer term business-critical issues, such as accounting records and internal management records and documentation of operating procedures, the loss of which could be life threatening to any business.

“These are all covered by our disaster recovery plan. It gives us peace of mind.”


Good service at a reasonable price


“Silverfern IT has gone out of its way to understand our requirements,” Mr Whiting says.

“They work with us to come up with realistic, economic, workable solutions. They have acted on our behalf with Telstra, and organised all equipment and communications set up to provide a total IT solution that fits our budget.”


Rapid response


“There will always be problems with IT and Silverfern IT’s response is very good. We get rapid response. They understand time is critical in our operation. They are set up so they can log in from anywhere and fix most problems. They don’t have to be on site. This is a critical issue, especially for our remote locations.”


Excellent IT engineers


“We have an excellent relationship with Silverfern IT. The Managing Director attracts good IT engineers who are easy to work with. They are willing to understand and sort out problems.

“The Managing Director is always available on the end of the phone if we have an issue.”


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