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  • A complex mix of servers, operating systems and storage, is believed to be the key cause of downtime
  • The SPC-1 Benchmark by the Storage Performance Council has designated the Lenovo and DataCore hyper-converged solution as “World’s Fastest”

“Hyper-converged infrastructure essentially collapses core storage, computing, and networking functions into a single software solution or appliance. Hence it is simply a more tightly integrated converged system with compute, storage, and networks decoupled from the underlying infrastructure and defined/ configured at a software level. Ultimately, this innovation combines two of the recent major disruptions in the infrastructure space – software-defined infrastructure and converged systems.”1

Hyper-convergence uses software-defined storage infrastructure that is virtually converged within the hypervisor tier, hence becoming “hyper-converged.” Organisations using hyper-converged infrastructure benefits

  • Improved scalability and performance
  • Enhanced manageability
  • Significantly reduced TOC

The Lenovo and DataCore hyper-convergence solution is a high-performance and easy-to-use enabling companies to massively consolidate their virtualised infrastructure.

  • Up to 10X performance improvement with Parallel I/O and RAM caching
  • Supports all of the major hypervisors
  • Needs only 2 nodes for high-availability, but easily expands up to 64 nodes

Importantly, organisations can deploy a hyper-converged infrastructure without having to rip out and replace existing infrastructure. Instead, organisations can operate the two in complementary fashion until the infrastructure reaches the end of life. Similarly understanding that many organisations use cloud as part of their infrastructure, the technology can combine hyper-converged systems with SAN and Cloud Storage into an Integrated Storage Infrastructure

To discuss how your organisation can benefit from hyper-convergence, please contact us.

1 Subramani, S. (14 September 2015). Hyper-Convergence - When Converged Systems Grow Up. IDC. Web.

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