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Bounce back from disaster, stronger than before

  • Data and systems are real business assets, often essential to your ability to service clients and generate revenue.
  • Data loss is a real business cost. time lost while systems are rebuilt is a real business cost.
  • Data resilience is now affordable via new technology.
  • Silverfern services from advice through to maintained, turnkey systems are non-disruptive, easy on users and industry best-value.

You can strengthen your business by preparing for rapid recovery from disaster, ensuring continuity of your business activities.

Occasionally, files are going to be lost. Hard drives are going to fail. Increasingly, systems are going to be hacked. And sometimes there will be data disasters. That’s life.

New cloud and other technologies make enterprise level data resilience affordable even to small businesses. At the same time, increasing reliance on computerised systems makes data loss ever more devastating.

Think of it as insurance. You wouldn’t not insure a factory. Data and systems are the new factory, the new operational assets.

If you service business clients, your data resilience is also a promotional value. Clients will judge you as more professional and feel more secure with you, if you can give them independent certification of the security of their data when they entrust to you.

Silverfern’s expertise is in designing and installing reliable, automated recovery and continuity systems that are cost effective for your business size and risk profile.

Our systems range from replicating working environments onto large storage to continuous off-site replication with fall-over redundancy. Of course, all our installations are tested and full functionality is demonstrated to you before sign off.
Call us for a risk estimate and quote.

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