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It’s VOIP, but not as you know it

  • Voice quality can exceed conventional phones.
  • Better functionality especially multi-location and mobiles.
  • You have instant micro-control – the bad old Telco days are over.
  • Full PC and conventional system integration.
  • Low call cost, low capital cost, easy upgrades.

Everyone knows Skype and probably everyone has had experience with scratchy, echoing VOIP calls that drop out often.

New generation High Definition VOIP is not like that. In fact, it can deliver call quality that exceeds traditional telephone lines. Ask us for a demonstration.

The core HD VOIP benefit is no longer the price (though very low cost calls are still important). What most impresses business users of HD VOIP is what it can do:

  • Convenience, time saved, new capabilities.
  • Putting you in direct control of exactly how you want your system to work – without the annoying “virtual assistants”, the interminable time on hold and the too-frequent complete failure of service when you do get through.

Silverfern HD VOIP can provide you:

  • A single, centralised system for all your locations and all your devices, including mobile phones, desktop phones and computer phones.
  • Full PC integration, with messages to email inbox and mobile phone, with SMS and email notification.
  • Micro-control over diversions, messages, delay times, even individualised ring tones.
  • Call transfer across locations and devices (including mobiles).
  • Free internal calls.
  • Easy conference calls.
  • Easy control panel is web based, anywhere access.
  • Add lines instantly, no waiting for Telcos to get around to it.
  • Fully integrated with the traditional phone system.
  • Cloud based options with no capital investment for PABXs that have to be replaced every few years (upgrade every time a new virtual PABX is released).

Oh, did we forget? Really low call costs and very low capital costs. There is no reason for you not to look at this right now, even if you have an existing “lock-in” contract.

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