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Totalcare™ Unlimited

  • Data and systems are real business assets, often essential to your ability to service clients and generate revenue.
  • Unlimited service calls.
  • 24/7/365 response means you don’t have to stress.
  • Proactive maintenance and continuous monitoring to maximize up-time
  • Three person team means you always deal with an engineer who knows your installation
  • Regular reporting including strategic planning
  • Fixed price gives budget certainty

Totalcare™ Unlimited delivers proactive maintenance of all your IT systems, with 24/7 emergency response, for a fixed fee.
This is a great option if you want:

  • Maximum system reliability
  • Immediate problem response that you don’t have to be involved in
  • Fixed, predictable costs for all IT support

Totalcare™ Unlimited frees your from worry about your systems maintenance, so you can get on with your real job.

Totalcare™ Unlimited can be customised to your needs, including server maintenance, network monitoring, offsite disaster recovery service, strategic planning and unlimited IT support.

The Totalcare™ Unlimited model is powerful because we have the same interests as you: to minimise service calls that are our cost, we will work proactively on system maintenance that avoids breakdowns and issues, ensuring you get maximum up time and performance.

Totalcare™ Unlimitedservices

Team support A three person team will be assigned to your account and you will always deal with one of them, so they are fully conversant with your system right from the start of the call. No more fighting your way through multiple call centre levels to an engineer who doesn’t know your setup

Senior Engineer contact All the people in your team will be qualified, certified and experienced computer engineers, with a range of specialist skills. One of them will be a Senior Engineer and your primary contact, with overall responsibility for the performance of your IT systems. The Senior Engineer will sign off on all work done.

Unlimited Remote and Onsite IT Support You and your staff receive unlimited, immediate phone and onsite IT support.

Monthly proactive review This covers all support incidents, maintenance reports and sign off on support for the month.

Annual IT review This includes strategic planning for the ongoing maintenance, renewal and growth of your system.

Proactive Server Maintenance A comprehensive list of server maintenance tasks are performed on a daily, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Many tasks are also automated to run in real-time.

24x7x365 Network and server monitoring, fault detection and problem resolution includes checking key indicators such as system resources, performance, core business applications, status of key system services, backups and system event log notifications. We respond to detected issues without you having to ask: often you may not even be aware that a potential problem has been averted.

Backup Automated offsite backup.

Documentation Full IT system documentation including network diagram and core settings. Full service history documentation maintained online, including work done, updates, new installations and setting changes, including work in progress, details of the incident, who reported it and who worked on it.

Asset Register Lists all assets with serials numbers, warranty details and work history.

Reporting Monthly reports of all issues, activities and work performed, with recommendations as appropriate.





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