Our Clients

Who is our typical client?  It is an organisation that wants IT to help them achieve their goals, not stand in the way. 

They want their data to be secure, and they want their systems managed so they can just get on with their real purpose.

They want fast service and effective support. Now. 


It is all about attitude, not size or sector

Our clients’ businesses range in size from small to large, including trading companies, services businesses and manufacturers. Some of our clients operate in the local government space or at government agencies, education providers and not-for-profit organisations.

What links them is success. Like Silverfern IT, our clients are successful organisations. We recognise and respect the determination and focus it takes to succeed.

So if you’re considering whether we are a match for you, don’t focus on what you do or how big you are: look for a matching attitude towards success.

We have worked with all the following customers: