Communication everywhere

This is a mobile world, a world where constant connectivity is needed and expected.  

Staying connected in the field, having access to your company’s systems and data at off-site locations, and bringing remote teams together, are all essential requirements.

Silverfern IT can help you achieve ongoing connectivity while keeping your data safe at all times by deploying appropriate security and networking technologies.

Connectivity drives ongoing business improvements

Silverfern High-Definition VOIP can provide you with:

– A single, centralised system for all your locations and devices, including mobile, desktop and computer phones
– Full PC integration, with messages and notifications to email and mobile phone
– Customised control over diversions, messages, delay times, and even individualised ring tones
– Ability to transfer calls across locations and devices, including mobiles
– Free internal calls, and easy conference calls
– Simple, web-based control panel
– Ability to add lines instantly, no waiting on Telcos
– Full integration with the traditional phone system
– Cloud-based options with no capital investment for legacy PABXs