Getting started

If you have called Silverfern IT because you are currently experiencing an IT security-related issue, we will get our engineers to fix that right away to get your business up and running again.

However, crisis response alone is not a viable security policy; only advance planning and action will put you back in control and improve your business’ security posture.

The first step is accurate knowledge of the risks and vulnerabilities your IT infrastructure faces, then we can design and deploy a customized action plan.

Initial meeting

To get started, we really need a clear understanding of your current security profile and measures you already have in place. We will discuss this broadly and will likely recommend a complete security audit covering 20+ core factors. In addition, a comprehensive analysis of your entire IT environment would be beneficial to both parties as IT infrastructure usually evolves at a faster pace than any corresponding documentation.

Being a person-to-person business that delivers custom solutions, this analysis will be performed by our engineers on-site rather than by some remote ‘helpline’ resource working to a generic script. We need to learn about your business and our first milestone is to accurately map your critical processes and assets. This is especially true for your data, your most important asset. Knowledge is the first step to regaining control and elevating your security posture.

At this point, we will develop a security plan specifically tailored to your business that will serve as a roadmap. The security plan will identify what needs to be done, including deploying appropriate security tools and internal protocols that will best suit your needs. The plan will also serve as a roadmap for your ongoing security journey into the future.

Learning about your business also means that we will work within your budgets. Silverfern supports a wide range of organisations of different sizes operating in different industries. We are a responsible, value-for-money IT service provider with extensive experience in integrating the latest technologies with those already in place, with the view of extending the life of legacy systems and thereby reducing capital expense.

Bolster your IT security in the most cost-effective way possible by working with a company with a long history in IT support personally delivered by experienced, qualified staff. Take the first steps now and contact us on (08) 9328 8788!