Managed Hybrid IT

Cloud computing has long since moved on from being an interesting novelty to a key mainstream technology, but not every business has embraced the public cloud. While most businesses use some form of an on-premises private cloud, great benefits can be gained by using the public cloud, or a hybrid combination of both private and public clouds. 

Even though you may already have a substantial investment in existing on-site hardware, software or critical bespoke systems, it can make sound financial sense to stage your transition to a hybrid cloud system.

Hybrid IT can save money

Every hybrid environment is unique and constantly evolving, so they require a flexible approach to their management.

Common problems include data transfer between systems that may reside onsite and those that are hosted in the public cloud. Attention needs to be paid to processing and data locality to avoid unnecessary performance impacts and costs associated with data travelling over external networks more than it needs to.

To ensure hybrid systems work efficiently to support your business and deliver the expected savings, they must be managed appropriately. Silverfern IT can manage your hybrid IT so that maximum value can be squeezed out of existing investments while taking advantage of the benefits offered by the public cloud.

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