Security Operations Centre -
Managed Detection and Response by IBM QRadar

The number of cyber-attacks on businesses has increased considerably in recent years, with attackers targeting all sectors and organisations of various sizes. Traditional protection measures like firewalls and anti-virus software don’t go far enough. Continuous analysis of events in the environment is needed to provide insight into security risks that regular security products are not able to detect.

Solution Overview

Silverfern IT has established a new Security Operations Centre (SOC) to deliver a Managed Security Service for its customers. The offering remotely monitors multiple log sources in customer environments to look for Indicators of Compromise (IOC). Once an IOC is identified, either by a security analyst or automatically by preset rules, an appropriate response including remedial action is triggered.

The service is completely complementary to a customer’s existing infrastructure support team. No expensive and complicated software is needed nor any specialist security personnel on the customer payroll. The customer enjoys an enhanced security posture by employing dedicated security services from specialists at a fraction of the potential cost of a cyber breach.



The following are some of the key benefits of teaming with Silverfern IT and using their Managed Security Service:

Flexible and cost-effective method of enhancing your organisation’s security posture.
Improved visibility of your environment to limit IOCs developing into cyber threats.
Flexible subscription service which mitigates the need to invest in specialist software and personnel.
Help to meet compliance requirements for reduced cyber security insurance premiums.
Reduce business costs and exposure by improved detection and response to cyber security incidents