IT Security - front and centre

These days, your business can be damaged, or even destroyed in one unheralded moment by leaving your data or systems unsecured from malicious attack.

No previous generation of IT managers has ever faced a serious threat like this before. It may be easy to ignore this IT security threat thinking that it will never happen to your business, that all will be well, or the impact will be minor, but that approach is extremely risky and dangerous for the business.

This is why security is a leadership issue. It requires the vision and the strength to say

Security must be front and centre.

What you need to know

The essential facts for management are:

  • Australia ranks 4th globally for data breaches (*). Perth, with mostly only low-level security measures, has become a hacker playground.
    * Symantec 2017 Internet Security Threat Report.
  • You most likely know businesses that have been seriously hacked but they have kept it quiet for fear of losing their clients’ trust.
  • Most hacking is for immediate monetary gain, future malicious intentions, just for “fun”, in support of an ideology, or for revenge (employees, suppliers and customers who feel slighted).
  • Hacking is increasingly sophisticated and well resourced. Many hackers now spend months or even years undetected inside compromised systems, diverting approved internet payments, running bogus accounts, or preparing for a big strike.
  • Your security net must reach beyond your offices. Your IT systems may be accessed remotely or it might exchange information with other systems, e.g. banks and ISPs. Your IT security must reach wherever your data goes.
  • Security is not a bolt-on afterthought. Security needs to be part of every aspect of your business, an ongoing process, a state of mind.
  • 99% of hackers go unpunished – Australian police do not have the resources or expertise to investigate cybercrime effectively.

Your IT Security is up to you, but you are not on your own. Silverfern IT has the skills, resources, and most importantly the business understanding you need.

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