IT security is not a set and forget process. Threats change daily, so the tools needed to repel them need to be updated regularly too.

Hackers trying to access your IT environment usually send recognisable probes or leave traces, but with the right tools that are kept up to date, these threats can be recognised, monitored and actioned to mitigate against long term loss.

Compliance as a threat

Our lawmakers may have good intentions, but the reality is that accidental failure to comply with various legal requirements can seriously damage your business. The Australian Privacy Act and the new mandatory reporting of data breaches cover all entities that store any form of client data. If you store confidential client information, a periodic security audit may be a duty-of-care requirement.

You can even be liable for breaking the laws of another jurisdiction, e.g. if you have clients (or perhaps even just website visitors) from the European Union, then the EU considers you bound by its comprehensive General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws that deal with personal data.

There are serious fines, but the real risk is reputational. If a government agency publicly declares you to be in breach of its security legislation, you may suffer reputational damage. If your client relationships depend on trust, especially in relation to online data, then the consequences could be severe.

Helping ensure you are continuously compliant is a service offered by Silverfern IT. Contact us to get started and you will soon be able to put a tick against your compliance requirements.