Plan and culture

Hackers will find a way to circumvent any protection if essential procedures are not followed.

Security tools cannot provide protection if they are not implemented.

It comes down to having a working security plan with protocols that are adhered to.

All part of a strong security culture.

Plan and culture are the most important elements

The range of security tools is wide, and the task is complex but it can be done. You can have a secure business.

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t get around to implementing a good mix of security tools, and staff are not sensitive to the dangers. They short-cut procedures, share weak passwords and leave things open. No wonder then that about half of all hacks are made possible by lax internal behaviours.

A clear security plan with defined protocols that your staff understand, respect and follow is your strongest security asset.

We can help you build it. We can work together on a long term strategy and a specific, detailed plan. We can develop the internal protocols you need and train your staff in them.

These are the first steps in building a strong security culture, and that is any hacker’s greatest nemesis.