Managed IT Security

IT security is not set and forget.

The threats change every day. Some of the tools to repel the threats are updated daily if not hourly. Luckily, hackers looking at your system usually send recognisable signals, that can tip you off to take precise preventative steps.

However, to detect these signals, the right tools updated to the very latest level, need to be deployed. Furthermore, they need to be constantly monitored, and if a threat is detected, it needs to be appropriately actioned. 

Managed Security as a Service (MSaaS)

Security is dynamic, so it must be actively managed. This takes time and expertise. Active management of your IT security is a core Silverfern IT service.

Security threats change daily, or even hourly. Not all of them affect you, so it depends on your security profile whether you should make adjustments or not.

Hacker probes of IT systems are common, and most of them are automated. Typically they come in waves; a site may have 30 spam and other probes one month and 500 the next. Most of them are rebutted, even by standard measures, but it only takes one to succeed. If you are the subject of heightened interest, you need to respond with temporarily adjusted security settings.

Modern IT systems use multiple software applications, with some organisations using between 20 and 100 software products and applications. There are thousands of software developers, and most of them are actively engaged in the battle against hackers. They regularly issue security updates including patches for emerging threats, often within hours of the threat emerging.

All of this is of no use though if you are not implementing these security updates. The majority of successful intrusions could have been stopped using standard tools and available security updates, but these defences were not being actively used.

If you are not actively managing your IT security, then your security position is deteriorating daily and becoming ever-more vulnerable.

It’s simple, just contact us to get started with dynamic IT security management.