Security Tools

Most of the basic principles of IT security have been around a long time, while some are still brand new. The tools which deliver on these principles are also constantly developing and are frequently evolving in an effort to outpace the threats.

So it is a matter of having to constantly keep up and regularly adjust your response mix to an ever-changing threat environment. You may not have the expertise or the time to spend on this never-ending cycle, so let Silverfern IT take care of it for you.

All the tools

We spend a lot of time carefully reviewing and testing new IT security tools, and if any pass our standards, we add them to our toolbox. Based on the results of an IT security audit, we can then pick and choose appropriate tools to bolster your security profile.

Firewalls, filtering and access control are among the oldest and most successful security concepts. Tools that use these approaches have improved dramatically and continue to evolve. You may also have heard about end-point protection, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, incident response, stop point speed, data segmentation and more. A newer concept is real-time monitoring of threats as they happen. See our IBM Security Partnership and Managed IT Security.

What is most important in protecting your business from hackers is not specific tools, but rather the effectiveness of your overall security plan and the strength of the security culture of your organisation. Don’t sweat the details, the products and the jargon; we’ll do take care of that for you. Call us and let’s talk about your security story. We will get you started on your journey towards a more secure business so you have less to stress about.

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