AI drives real-time, pro-active IT security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) stopped being science fiction a long time ago. AI systems abound today in places you may least expect, delivering value in ways unimaginable just a few years ago.

AI-augmented systems are now the future of IT security too.

Real-time, pro-active threat engagement

A hack can start anytime. At first, it may be like a knock on the door. Then perhaps a tentative push, and later a stronger shove. Or maybe there will be a legitimate-looking messenger at the door, asking for admission.

If an IT security expert was inside your system watching 24/7, they would intervene right away. Quarantine, check and act. Not many companies can afford 24/7 expert monitoring though, especially if their IT has multiple areas that each need their own watcher.

But AI – artificial intelligence – can do this. Reaching right back to the days of Deep Blue, the chess computer that beat then world-champion Garry Kasparov, IBM has been the global leader in applying AI to computer systems.

Deep Blue’s victory was in 1997. More than 20 years of development later, IBM’s Watson is an AI system of unimaginably greater power, flexibility and learning ability. It’s already powering a vast range of applications, databases and interactions; you’ve almost certainly used it, perhaps without even knowing.

AI-based security systems work in real time, assessing activity and responding pro-actively to anything suspicious, often long before conventional systems detect what might by then have grown into a much more powerful, damaging intrusion. They can make adjustments to your systems, even upgrade them on the fly – and learn from current experience.

Through our IBM Security Partnership, we can provide a world-class, enterprise-level, AI security system appropriate for any complex or medium-to-high-risk environment.

Watson AI enables us to implement true cognitive computing protection on your IT system, taking it to the leading edge of what is possible today.

You can read more about it or contact us and we’ll show you how your organisation can benefit.