Cognitive computing is the future, and it's here now

A world-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) system and an IT-specific analytic model meet inside a computer. What happens next?

It may sound like a pub joke, but it’s actually a quiet revolution. Not many people know that this is where the cutting edge of IT security is now. It is no longer science fiction, but actual business reality.

IBM QRadar SIEM + Watson AI = Cognitive computing protection

Cognitive computing simulates human thought processes in a computer. It uses data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing. Self-learning algorithms enable it to build knowledge based on experience while reacting to change.

Cognitive computing does not replace human thought so much as augment it, especially where there are complex datasets and 24/7 live processes.

IBM’s QRadar Advisor with Watson directs the powerful artificial intelligence of IBM’s Watson in an IT-specific structure to uncover new insights, detect hidden threats, respond and learn. It can tap into and even understand unstructured data like text, websites and social media.

A Watson-augmented QRadar system quickly adapts to your specific situation and operations, so it becomes uniquely yours and uniquely effective for you. It’s the best you can do and unlike previous “bests” that are soon superseded, it’s self-learning means it will evolve into the next “best” as well. And the “best” after that.

Security is our primary, initial goal, but the building excitement around this quiet revolution is that it will also deliver much broader business analysis. As businesses move more online, becoming digital and data-driven, cognitive computing will become integral to all aspects of the management of any sophisticated business.

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