Firewalls are your front line

Low cost, low maintenance and effective most of the time,
firewalls can deal with 90% of hostile or exploitative traffic. 

Firewalls have evolved

The original firewall concept of having all your data contained in a silo that you could defend like your castle is long gone. Now, your data is most likely held in multiple cloud locations and your data castle is more like a market place, bustling with traffic both coming and going.

Modern firewalls are quite different from the early data-silo models. They can even begin filtering traffic before it reaches your IT system. There are also firewalls specific to various situations, that adapt to specific risks.

Firewalls are low cost and low maintenance, so they are as essential as ever as the first line of defence, but they are not a complete solution.

All those TV programs where a firewall is hacked in a few keystrokes? It’s certainly that not as easy, but it’s not impossible: the real security test is what happens next.

In a well-designed system, firewalls reduce the IT security staff workload, allowing a focus of resources on serious and capable exploit attempts.

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