Anytime, anywhere access is driving efficiency gains

Access from multiple devices, some of them not owned or controlled by the company, has created a new class of security risks.

Identity is the key to secure, multi-device, multi-point access

Many staff now expect remote and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) access to your company’s data and systems. When they have such ubiquitous access, they can be more productive and satisfaction levels rise.

From a security standpoint, however, this means dealing with multiple remote systems with unknown settings. Some percentage of them will actually host malware, unknown to the user. To make access from these systems secure, it’s essential to be able to validate the identity of the user and apply selective, high-level filtering to the traffic they generate.

This is a complex, ever-changing challenge that can call on all aspects of your security structure and really put it to the test. We regularly evaluate and compare various systems and we’ll share our findings with you.

Without excessive complexity, we can set your systems to ensure that log-ins are rigorously identified, endpoints managed effectively and high-risk traffic constantly scrutinized, using all the resources of your security systems. And we can advise you on the risk level you are running, including possible further mitigation.


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