Systematic, network-wide approach to intrusion attempts

Increasingly complex IT systems need co-ordinated security management to mitigate security risks as soon as possible.

Intrusion Denial Management brings it all together

IT security systems have become much more complex because of Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service and multi-device remote access needs, all of which create many new point-of-entry vulnerabilities. A multiplicity of tools have been created to address these vulnerabilities and an intrusion denial system manages and integrates these various tools.

It is essential is to go beyond the data-silo concept and implement IT security that reaches out to the many devices, systems and clouds you connect with, to start filtering and assessing risk before it even gets close to your core IT environment. This will reduce the risk load on your main IT systems and contain the impact of some remote events to their original source location.

Real-time threat engagement and cognitive computing can pay off handsomely when they access and learn from events at the outer reaches of your network.

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