IT Audit

What hardware, software, licences, subscriptions and bespoke items do you have in your IT environment? Are they working well and are they properly maintained? How are they connected and what are the inter-dependancies?

Get the facts – have Silverfern IT perform an independent audit to form the basis of an accurate, effective IT services engagement.

IT audits often spring some surprises

Before you spend any money on additional infrastructure, we recommend an IT audit to review the exact state of your current system.

IT audits lead to better system design and delivery on business objectives. Surprisingly, they also often reveal under-utilised (or even forgotten) IT assets.

Our IT audits performed by our experienced consultants, are comprehensive and include:

  • All hardware and software, versions and interoperability
  • Compatibility issues, current and future
  • Licence validity, currency
  • Typical system demand and capacity
  • Performance and reliability
  • Current issues
  • Ability to support business objectives
  • Network security
  • Backup and redundancy
  • Data security and performance risks
  • Estimated recovery times from typical issues and disaster scenarios
  • In-house support capacity
  • IT budget range for similar installations
  • Recommended budget
  • A recommended strategy for IT development including priority items
  • Maximising the life of existing assets