Why choose Silverfern IT?

  • Individualised service based on understanding your business
  • Consultative planning process
  • Team-based support ensures you talk directly with the people who supply the service
  • There is always someone available to call 24/7/365
  • Highly qualified and experienced engineers with high-level certifications
  • Our partnerships with key vendors delivering value to you
  • Silverfern IT has been a certified AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 quality assured company since May 2003

Supporting your success

Our clients choose us because we help them achieve their business goals.

We remove technology bottlenecks and IT issues that get in their way, and we empower them with more capable systems.

We deliver security, reliability and responsive service.

These goals cannot be achieved piecemeal; they require solid overall planning and ongoing commitment, and we deliver both.


Superior skills, experience and resources

Silverfern IT employs only qualified computer engineers with extensive industry experience and we pay them well, so we have minimal staff turnover. Sometimes people think this is a conflict with our price position, but the superior skills of our engineers actually help us hold costs down. Our engineers spend less time getting to solutions and they develop more cost-effective options and systems.

They are also up to date: we invest continuously in learning, in qualifications and in certification.

We believe experience and knowledge are a high-return investment.

As our client, you can expect:

  • Pro-active maintenance that reduces costly failures
  • Superior system planning that achieves results by design, not by inflating expenditure
  • Maximising the life of existing equipment, including compatibility tweaks
  • Effective, quality-assured service


Putting you in charge

An expert who tells you what to do based on jargon you don’t understand is a failure.

Our experience tells us that IT success grows from a consultative process leading to us to supporting your management goals. Technology must always be a tool, not an outcome. You may not understand how we do what we do, but we will ensure we understand the outcomes you want. You’re in charge.



Silverfern IT has been in the same business since 1991. Not much about computers is the same as it was nearly 30 years ago, but our philosophy of quality service at a fair price only gets stronger.

Our business is well established, as is our team, our processes, our IT solutions and tools. We have a substantial client base of long-standing, satisfied customers.

Time has proven, you can rely on us.

Some of the key factors which differentiate us from our competitors include:

  • As a Silverfern IT client, you will benefit from a dedicated, three-person service team headed by a senior engineer. You get to talk to the same people every time; people who know your system and don’t need to spend time getting up to speed before they can act. One member of your dedicated team will be available to you for emergencies 24/7/365.
  • Silverfern IT has been a certified AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 quality assured company since May 2003.
  • Silverfern IT is an approved WA Whole of Government (CUA contract) supplier for IBM Servers and Storage products; Trend Micro Security Solution products and ICT Services in the category of Server Management; Desktop Management; ICT Security and Repair and Maintenance.
  • We hold partnerships with all the major vendors we service.
  • Silverfern IT support is proactive: we constantly monitor your systems and often identify and resolve problems before you know about them.
  • All Silverfern IT engineers are Microsoft, VMware, CITRIX, Trend Micro, WatchGuard and IBM Certified Professionals with a minimum 8 years’ practical experience.
  • All Silverfern IT team members hold Australian Police Clearance.
  • Silverfern IT clients can use our convenient helpdesk portal to see the current status of all their active jobs.
  • Silverfern IT can provide fixed quotations for IT projects such as upgrades and implementations. We provide detailed invoices and all work is properly logged and recorded for reference.
  • Silverfern IT Senior Management is always available to talk with you face to face.
  • At Silverfern IT we guarantee our IT services and we stand by our recommendations.