Expertise comes from training, qualification,
experience and certification

You won’t get true expertise from a self-taught, solo operator. Self-taught means you only know what you have worked on previously, whereas a true expert knows how to combine prior formal training with current hands-on experience.

A solo operator also doesn’t have a supporting team to provide a wider perspective on any situation in the interests of providing a holistic service.

The long road to expertise

We seek out engineers with formal tertiary training and qualifications. While it may be true that half of what is learned in a computer engineering degree is redundant in five years; it’s the other half that matters. What remains is the technical grounding, the understanding of the theory and the training in how to solve problems and design for efficiency. Formal training prepares you to work on whatever you encounter next.

We look for people with broad experience and a proven track record. Because getting qualified only opens the door, we value post-graduate certifications in various technologies as proof of continuous learning. Only when all those things are in place can someone truly be described as an expert.

Silverfern has demonstrated a long-term commitment to quality control and has high-level certifications in place.


ISO Certified since 2003

Silverfern has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 for IT products and services since May 2003.

We are also working towards ISO 27001 Information Security certification.


Certified partner

Silverfern IT has been awarded the following vendor certifications:

  • IBM Gold Business Partner
  • IBM Security Partner
  • IBM POWER and Storage Partner
  • Microsoft Silver Certified Partner
  • VMware Enterprise Partner
  • Citrix Silver Solutions Advisor
  • Trend Micro Certified Partner
  • WatchGuard Gold Certified Partner
  • Barracuda Premier Partner
  • SilverPeak Business Partner
  • SMSPasscode Authorised Partner
  • Veeam Silver Partner
  • Vocus Platinum Partner
  • Pulse Secure Business Partner
  • Lenovo DSG Gold Partner

These vendor certifications mean that you can choose Silverfern IT with confidence, knowing that you have made a sound decision based on the IT industry’s highest standards.