Maximising productivity

This is where you get the big business benefits, that go straight to your bottom line.

Productivity is the key competitive issue of our time, whether we’re talking national economies or individual businesses.

You have to get more, and better, from fewer resources.

This is where modern information technology can make a big contribution, enabling people to do more and engage more while reducing overheads.

Better IT means greater efficiency, lower costs and competitive advantage. An investment in one area that benefits the entire organisation.

But there is another aspect to efficiency that really defines the best.

It’s dealing with the exceptions. The tasks that require individual processing. The ones that go wrong and have to be fixed. The tasks that take five or even ten times longer than the norm and create proportionally more stress. Ask any accounts department or works foreman or office manager: 90% of tasks go smoothly, but the remaining 10% cause most of the issues.

The real cutting edge test of efficiency is reducing that 10% figure down to 5%, 2%, maybe…

You can’t fine-tune your system to that efficiency level using entry-level techs who only have a few minutes for you.

This kind of IT efficiency comes from engineers with deep and broad experience, spending the time to learn your business. Working in consultation with you, over an extended time period. Applying their skills to develop custom tweaks when standard, off-the-shelf offerings just aren’t good enough.

This is the support culture we will introduce you to at our first, getting-started meeting.

The efficient thing would be to make an urgent start: call us.